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White Demon Fox

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Dom Jun 03, 2012 12:12 am

Yellow para ti tambem! (Eu sabia que nao era unica pessoa a dizer isto xD)

Muito obrigada ^^
Eu não me vejo livre da comparação com Harry Potter, por isso já nem ligo. Como já referi era das unicas coisas onde podia tirar referencias, e também e uma grande inspiração, por isso não me importo.

Bem, antes de poderes entrar na escola tinhas de fazer os exames, por isso irias lá por volta do mês de Julho xD

Eu peço imensa desculpa pela falta de update... Eu quero acabar uma parte do segundo capitulo para o começar a postar (ele é gigante e vai mesmo ter de ser por partes), mas ela não me esta a sair muito bem... Quero ver se até segunda feira consigo postar mais ^^

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Qua Jun 06, 2012 11:50 pm

Antes de mais, peço imensas desculpas pelo atraso. Este capitulo tem demasiadas coisas que eu quero esclarecer já, e por isso torna-se gigante...
Eu já tinha dito que o ia dividir em partes, e ainda nao tenho bem a certeza do numero de partes, mas presumo que sejam umas 3. Vou-vos deixar com a primeira, e ver se despacho a terceira para começar finalmente a diversão.

Chapter II

He had made it. He had definitely entered on the school of his dreams. That morning he had been exited. He hadn’t even slept the whole night, thinking of this exact moment. After breakfast – he’s mother had insisted – the whole family went to the secret room on an abandoned building in the center of London and waited for the magical passageway to appear. There were other families saying their goodbyes to boys and girls like him, but he didn’t even minded look at them. He was too occupied with her mother hugging him and thinking of what was about to happen; he was going to be by his own on another dimension for four years, going home just three times per years; his parents were counting on him to be one of the top students. Independence and the pressure started to sink in…

He didn’t had the time to depress, for the magical passage appeared in all its glory, the bright light morphing into the color spectrum and back to pure white.

“Have a good year, and don’t let the apparent difficulties get you down. You are a very good Warrior,” his father said, shaking his hand and hugging him.

“I believe in you. I’m sure you’ll be one of the best,” his mother said. “Oh, I’m going to miss you, my little Albion.”

“C’mon Mom, I have my phone and my computer, we can still talk every day.” She nodded smiling. “And you kiddo, you’re the Man now that I’m gone,” he told his brother, while tousling his hair. “Don’t torture Mom too much.”

“I don’t promise anything,” he answered. Albion laughed.

“Goodbye Al,” her mother said kissing him on the cheek. He made a face and she laughed. “Oh, and tell Anne we send regards.”

“I’ll try Mom. See you all in Christmas.” And, facing the bright light with one suitcase, a backpack and his Excalibur, Albion stepped forward, entering the Asbru to Asgaldur.

It wasn’t the first time he had used it, but he still felt the weird feeling of being sucked into a vortex in a great speed and then being tossed up to firm ground again. It always made him almost lose his balance and feel kind of sick. Composing himself, Albion looked to his surroundings. He was on that place metro station-like, just between the Village of Asorp and Asgaldur. The walls were of beige brick and the different divisions had a frieze in different colors - each color corresponding to each continent. Albion walked out of the blue division to the gates on the Asgaldur side of the building.

“Please write your name and place your luggage on the platform. It will go automatically to your dorm in the Asgaldur School,” informed a voice coming from the screen on the small gate. Taking the pen to write on the screen he wrote his name and placed his suitcase and backpack on the black platform just beside it. “Thank you and have a good year on our school,” the voice said when his luggage disappeared and the transparent doors opened.

Stepping out of the station, he saw the mighty school. It was a palace, in a very round architecture and with a gigantic garden. On the left side was what looked like a greenhouse; most of the building was covered with windows, and what wasn’t immaculate glass, was impossible white wall; in the middle was a little tower. The great iron gates were open to the beautiful Entrance Garden, where were a lot of teenagers, some with happy faces greeting their classmates; others, like himself, lost in the greatness of the school and moment. As he passed the gates, he started to feel a knot on his stomach; it was official, he was by his own for the next four years. He was feeling nervous. What if he couldn’t take the pressure? What if he wasn’t as good as his parents thought? No, he couldn’t think of that, he had to be positive and face what was to come with his head high.

On the garden, he started looking around to see if he recognized any face from the exams. He didn’t have much time for it, since a voice came echoing all over the garden “1st years! 1st years to the main door, please,” way too loud to be natural. Looking to the main door he saw the raven haired guy from the exams. While approaching he thought that something was different on the guy, but he couldn’t find out what. Maybe were the clothes? Maybe the hair? No, it all seemed as normal as it should be, considering the months. When he was close enough, he realized what was off: he wasn’t with the tablet. Albion had been under the impression that the tablet was part of him. It seemed now it wasn’t. “Are you all here? Great,” he said after two last persons gathered. “Welcome to Asgaldur. My name is William Carleton, and I’m a professor here. Today you’ll be visiting the school and then shopping for your first year. If you don’t already have an account on the school, please go to the school office when the visit is over. As you know, that account is only for shopping in Asorp. Now let’s start our visit. This is the Entrance Garden. It was made to greet everyone and to hold every celebration on the school. Now let’s enter…” with that he turned and the massive wooden doors opened by themselves.

He had already been there on the exams day, as well as one or two times, when he was very little and his parents had to go there, but it always left him breathless. “This is the Entrance Hall.” It was a vast space, with marble floor and tall windows that made the floor reflect the light. In front was a marble staircase doing in two different directions, the left and right sections of the palace; from the left and right were corridors leading to indefinite places, as well as beside the staircase. “C’mon, enter, there’s enough space for everyone. It leads to any part of the palace. Upstairs are the classrooms and dorms, to the left and right respectively, and in the center is the tower you see from outside. It is the professor’s facilities and no student is allowed. This corridor,” he pointed to the left corridor beside the staircase, “leads to the school’s office. To your right is the Dining Room. It is the greenhouse you see from outside. And this is the Elevator” he pointed to the door on the loft side of the staircase; “it takes you anywhere on the school grounds, but please don’t use it just because you’re lazy. If you come with me through the left corridor, we’ll go to the Library.” And so they went, following the leading professor.

Not wanting to go on the front, Albion waited for everyone to go first. And there, just beside him, was the girl from the exams day. At first he didn’t recognize her, but when he looked at her face he remembered instantaneously. But there was something off, and it wasn’t her clothes. She now had one-legged pants, the other leg being shorts-like and a leg warmer beneath the knee. On top she had a shirt with one sleeve, and on the other arm an arm warmer. She had a lot of belts on the leg and arm warmers as well as on the sleeve. On her neck she had a belt-like choker.

“Hey,” he said. She looked at him, and he remembered the piercing blue eyes. “Remember me? Exams day, on the corridor, and then on the Fighting Exam…”

“Oh, right… The weakling, King Arthur wannabe. You made it. Surprising,” she said flatly.

“I didn’t present myself: Albion Riddle,” he said with a little bow, ignoring what she said and trying to know her name.

Again she gave him a second look, like double-checking. “You have serious problems with England’s history. Is your accent a fetish too, or are you really English?”

“I am English. And I don’t have any fixation on my country’s history,” he answered feeling somewhat offended. When he was about to ask her name, the professor spoke again.

“Here is the Library.” Behind him, over the tall archway, was a vast room, filled with shelves filled with books. Some tables could be seen scattered through the place; all the way around was a balcony with more shelves and books and tall windows. Here the floor was of dark wood, giving the place a dull appearance. “This is the world’s greatest book collection. And safest. There are books in every known language. You can take a book to your dorm, or even to Asorp, but please don’t damage anything, as there are unique books with no copies in the entire world.” They stayed there for some more time, contemplating the greatness of the Library. “Ok, follow me.” As people started to walk again Albion tried to restart his conversation, but he lost her again.

“Aren’t you the girl who won the Fighting Exam without even drawing her Weapon?” an high-pinched female voice came from beside her. Oh God, not another one…

“I guess… If there wasn’t other girl using martial arts, yeah, it was me,” but even before she could finish the girl was already speaking again.

“How did you do it? I mean, obviously you used martial arts, but still…! Your Weapon is part of you; even in martial arts you should be able to use it...”

“How did you find out about it?” She asked when the girl stopped talking for some seconds.

“Well, you know, people talk… By the way, my name’s Diana Mazzara, and these,” she took two guns of the holders on her legs; “are my Weapons. I call them Water Mirage.” She took a good look at the girl. She was a bit taller than her, and had a very slim body. Her hair was a shining brown, falling to her back, and her eyes were of light brown. “What is yours?” she asked looking at her to try and figure out.

“My name is Brynhild, and my weapon is my body,” she answered, not sure of which information did the other want. The girl – Diana – gave her a weird look, and was about to speak, when more female voices screeched her name.

“Oh, sorry, someone’s calling me. Guess I’ll see you around!” And with that she left towards the giggling girls.

Brynhild tried to ignore what just happened. Professor Carleton was leading them to the grounds again, “And now the back garden. To your left are the Stables, just right here to your right is the gymnasium, and behind it is the Arena. Yes, the same Arena of the Fighting Exams.” She looked around. Right ahead were bushes and some trees, which, she wondered, should do some patters looking from above. The stables were large, surrounded by fences and gravel and sand. The gym was a large, tall structure, with walls as white as those from the palace, but with less tall windows, and just beside it was the round Arena. It had several entrances, and seemed to be attached to the gym, but it was only a passage that connected the two buildings.

“If you come with me,” he said, going around the gym and the Arena, getting to the Entrance Garden again, just beside the greenhouse, “you’ll see we’re on the Entrance Garden again. And here is the Dining Room. Breakfasts are between eight o’clock and nine, lunches from noon to two P.M., and diners between seven o’clock to nine. Not one minute more or less. And with this our visit is over. You now can go to Asorp to shop, and please be back to lunch at midday and a half; the Headmistress whishes to talk to all of you and no delays are accepted. And if you want to find your dorm, just go to the Dormitory Wing; your school cards will react to your dorm. You are now dismissed.”

She started to walk very slowly. She had sent a letter to the school sometime ago explaining her situation, and now she had to go to the school office to take care of the final things. “Brynhild Snow? Come with me,” it was Professor Carleton.

“But I have to…” she started.

“Yes, I know, I took care of everything.” Without any other word, she followed him.

He had found her again, and she was following the professor. Weird, he thought. Curiosity took over him, and, without even noticing, his feet were going on their direction, doing the less sound they could. They were just beside the Arena. Hiding not too far, he heard:

“…your card. Try not to spend it all, because it is your money for the term,” he heard the professor say.

“I won’t.”

“Now the other problem…” he began.

“I don’t see any problem in it.”

“I’m not saying you have any problem, but people aren’t used to a person who has their magical spirit on their body and not a Weapon. They would see you as a freak.” What?! Albion lost his balance, and trying not to fall he made too much noise. Coming to the noise source, Professor Carleton saw him. “Albion Riddle. I knew you were going to be a problem just like your parents, but I never thought it would be so soon…”

“What the hell are you doing here?” she intoned.

“Oops?” he said with an innocent look.

“So you already know each other?” They both nodded. “Eavesdropping other people’s conversations is wrong; you do know that, right?” The professor was giving him an intense look.

“Yes, but is it true? She really doesn’t have a Weapon?” He knew he shouldn’t be asking it; but he had to. The words just slipped out of his mouth.

The professor looked at him for some seconds, then to her, and then back to him, like studying the situation and thinking of a course of action. “Yes, it is,” he said with a sigh. “And now, as a punishment for eavesdropping, you are the one going with her to the weapons shop on Asorp for her to buy a weapon.”

“What?” they said in unison. “I get him being punished, but why me too?” she said.

“Why do I have to help her?”

“Well, you are a specialist in weaponry right? That’s what she needs, and I have school things to take care of. Now go, the both of you, or you’re going to get late for lunch.” Albion could bet he was laughing, but he couldn’t see any smile. “Oh, and Brynhild, choose wisely, for that will be the weapon you will have to carry for the rest of your life.” And with that he went away.

“Brynhild? And you say my name is weird? What about yours?” he said trying to hold a laugh.

“Brynhild is an Old Norse name; my mother is Icelandic. And I never said your name is weird, I said it was stupid to have the name of your country,” she answered flatly. Good, they were at that again.

“Let’s just go.”

They crossed the Entrance Garden, passed the gate, bypassed the station and entered the Village of Asorp. It was colorful and full of life. The main and central street had shops through all its length, where teenagers passed, entering and exiting stores, or simply looking to the windows. “C’mon, the weapons shop is back here,” Albion said leading the way. He remembered it without even thinking, for all the times he had gone there to buy weapons – mainly swords - for his trainings; two streets beside the main one, the last building all the way up. This zone was a little darker and quieter, but it was still nice and cozy. “This is it.” They both looked at the storefront. It was in pastel tones and had a big sign with the name The Realm of the Blade in black letters just above it. “Well, ladies first,” he said opening the door.

She gave him a look and stepped into the store, and he followed her. Inside, it was a dark place, with all types of weapons scattered all over the place in no kind of seeming organization. They started pacing the place, looking to all the objects. The owner came asking if they needed help, but Albion said he had everything under control. “You need a weapon that can be of easy handling and adaptable to your fighting style, which is martial arts. It can’t be too heavy, or it will slow you down. Since you are a short range fighter, maybe a long range weapon could be a good option, to strengthen the long range weakness, but I think any range is ok with you…”

She looked from the big staff with a hidden blade to him. He was different. Ever since they entered the dark place, his aura changed. His face was serious, and thoughtful, and he talked as a specialist. He looked older. For a moment he looked just like… No, she wasn’t going to think of that, not now. She had other things to think about, such as, what weapon to choose? He was touching some daggers, “… are a good option, they are small and light, and can be easily drawn and hidden, and that’s a good thing, so your opponents won’t know what they’re facing…” and he continued talking. She was partially hearing him, the other half analyzing the weapons. Then something caught her attention. It looked blue and was hidden beneath some swords. “There’s also the shuriken. Those would match you ironically well, but there’s the limited thing, and you can’t be always buying more…”

“I want this one,” she said simply. He stopped talking and she could feel him looking at her. For some seconds she couldn’t take her eyes from what she had found.

“Hmm… It’s a chokuto,” he said, analyzing the form of the scabbard. “The rightness of the blade can be a little obstructive and can slow you down in drawing it sometimes, and it is a little heavy for your movements… But it is very beautiful.” He looked at her, and she finally looked away from the blue and white scabbard – she knew it was called saka in Japanese – to look at him. “Are you sure about this? Remember that you have to use it at least until the end of school.”

“I want this one,” she repeated with conviction.

“Ok then, but you should at least try it before actually buy,” he said. She nodded and he smiled. “Hey, mister, can we use your back room to test it?” he asked out loud to the shop owner, who gave out a very vague yes. He grinned even more, and dragged her to the back door of the place. There, were she thought would be the back street, was an arena. Not as big as the school one, but big enough for two persons to battle. “Ok, fight me as normally as you can, but don’t forget to use the sword.” He got himself in position, drawing his two-handed sword, and she noticed his grin changing to a smirk. She herself started to smirk. So all he wanted was to fight… Oh, he was going to have a fight… She placed the sword between her pants and the belt, and got into position; left leg behind, right leg in front, her torso sideways, and right hand palm facing him. They stayed there for some seconds, gazing at each other, waiting for the other to start.

And so he did it. He started running to her, his sword – Excalibur, she thought with a mental eye-rolling – with the tip facing her and ready to pierce. She didn’t move, and when he was close enough for damage, she rotated on her back and he missed her. He stopped some feet from her and turned, the smirk still on his face, and rushed to her again. She saw him coming and concentrated on her feet and hands. The tip of the sword approached and, impelling her legs and arching her back, she did a backflip. The moment her hands touched the floor she concentrated on her legs, and when back on her feet she used her left leg to kick him on the side. On the last moment he jumped backwards and deflected from her leg. Not losing time she advanced upon him with a spinning kick to the head, which he stopped with the sword. She jumped backwards and they gazed at each other. This was the warm-up, and she knew it was going to get more serious now. She couldn’t waste too much magical energy, and using it on the first kick was stupid.

He started his attack again, and this time she dodged the sword; once, twice, and on the third she concentrated on her legs, jumped, and kicked him still in the air. He went backwards with the impact, but soon enough was charging again. Fuck, she thought; she had put more energy on the jump than on the kick. Distracted by the thought, she only noticed the sword above her head too late to jump back, and, reaching for her back, she blocked the other’s attack with the sword. The sound of metal on metal echoed as they looked at each other. Using the pause, she reached her leg and kicked him on the side. He was too late jumping back and she hit him. He came at her again, but this time she blocked him with her sword. And again, and again. Concentrating her magic on her legs, she deflected his sword with hers and run around him as fast as she could and pointed the sword to his neck. He followed her movements and did the same. For some time they stayed there, panting, facing each other and with a sword pointed at the others neck. Then he lowered his arm, and she followed. He started grinning again.

“You should buy it,” he said. “It suits you, and the blade is amazing.” For the first time she really looked to the blade. It was deep blue and tempered. She nodded. “Let’s go then.”

They entered the store again. She told the shop owner she was going to buy it, and when asking the price, Albion started arguing with the man, saying the price was too high, even if it was so beautiful and worked on. In the end the man lowered the price, and giving him the school card, she bought it and they left the shop.

“Thank you for that. I wouldn’t find it as expensive as you did and would’ve wasted a lot of the money I have for the rest of the term,” she said when they were getting back on the main street.

“Oh, it was nothing…” he replied with a hand gesture and somewhat embarrassed. “You fought well. It was one of the best fights I ever had.”

“You weren’t that bad yourself. For a weakling, I mean,” she said trying to provoke him.

“Oh, so you still think you’re that good, you Trinity wannabe? In case you didn’t noticed, my Excalibur was pointed at your neck,” he retorted. Ah, he fell to the provocation… Boys.

“Ahahah, Trinity wannabe. I actually like it. At least I’m not trying to impersonate a king of my country,” she said giving him a sideways look.

“At least I don’t have the weirdest and most unpronounceable name in the planet,” he said offended again. She gave him a weird look, and chuckled.

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Fox* em Qui Jun 07, 2012 8:02 pm

Gostei bastante das descrições da escola (principalmente do elevador, só conseguia imaginar uma fila enorme de miúdos preguiçosos à porta do mesmo!) e do ar apressado e levemente arrogante do professor que deu uma mini visita à escola (aquela comparação com os pais deixou-me uma pulga atrás da orelha...), mas a minha cena preferida (como sempre) foi a da luta, quando a rapariga (cujo nome me deixou O.Ô?!) foi experimentar a arma que poderia adquirir!
Muito bem descrita (nunca me lembraria de colocar uma arena numa loja assim, mas faz todo o sentido!), e deixou-me pensativa quanto à arma em si e à razão da rapariga ainda não possuir nenhuma...
Segundo compreendi, não é normal... Já com mistérios logo de início! :D

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Qui Jun 07, 2012 11:05 pm

O Elevador... Eu vou explicar isso um pouco mais para a frente, mas chega a uma altura na escola que os alunos deixam de o usar, por isso a fila seria basicamente de alunos do primeiro ano xD

O Will (o professor) é um tipo fixe xD Ele é super descontraido, e talvez por isso tenha parecido arrogante, mas ele nao o é. E sim, ele conhece os pais do Albion. Agora como e porque, isso so mais para a frente x)

Ainda bem que gostaste da cena da luta *.* Eu tambem gosto dessa cena, e tinha medo de ela nao estar muito bem descrita. Porque imaginar estas coisas na cabeça e descreve-las e muito diferente. E se gostas destas cenas nao te preocupes, muitas mais virão! (Isto de fazer Taekwondo e ir aprendendo cada vez mais tem as suas vantagens xD)
Eu adoro o nome Brynhild. E tão estranho e dificil de pronunciar xD Mas nao te preocupes que eles vão-lhe arranjar uma alcunha, mesmo por o nome ser dificil de dizer xD
Compreendeste bem, nao e normal não se ter Weapon. Eu vou explicar todo o conceito de Weapon e Warrior no terceiro capitulo, mas ate lá ainda falta um bocado.

Fico feliz por continuares a seguir ^^ Vou agora mesmo ver se escrevo alguma coisa para postar o mais depressa possivel ^^

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por PandoraTheVampire em Qui Jun 07, 2012 11:42 pm

Ahah King Arthur wannabe... gostei da outra vez e gostei desta vez! xD A escolha da arma foi épica e a "vibe" entre eles os dois ainda melhor. Mas lembro-me de te ter mencionado isto da outra vez :p

É para continuar que eu quero ler o resto ora pois! :p

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Qui Jun 07, 2012 11:54 pm

A relação destes dois e super cómica e eu adoro gozar com o Albion xD

Pois é Pandora, tu isto ainda leste xD
Mas a próxima parte ja vai ter coisas que ainda nao leste ;)

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Fox* em Sab Jun 09, 2012 3:19 pm

Lol, as coisas caem na monotonia e sem dúvida que é mais divertido perdermo-nos nas infinitas escadas que andar de elevador (isto sou eu a sonhar, não faço a mínima ideia do porquê de não o utilizarem!).
Ah, eu bem me parecia que as coisas não podiam ser tão simples! Gostei de saber que o professor é mais descontraído que malévolo, mas aquele momento em que ele falou dos pais de Albion realmente deixou-me intrigada! Não é o tipo de coisas que se oiça numa escola, mas esta não é uma escola comum, por isso tudo pode acontecer!
Não sabia que fazias Taekwondo (o que é normal visto nunca o teres dito xD!), mas compreendo agora o teu conhecimento de movimentos e as tuas explicações (eu limito-me a ver a luta na minha cabeça e transcrevo-a, acabando por criar movimentos que talvez nem sejam reais :D!), o que torna tudo mais real!

E sem dúvida que estou a gostar! Estou curiosa pelos conceitos e explicações que tens para nos dar, mas ainda mais pelos nomes que vais arranjar para todas as personagens! Já estou à espera de tudo :D

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Qui Jun 14, 2012 5:09 pm

Hello Hello!

Fox, informação sobre o Elevador e a relação do professor e os pais do Albion na proxima parte do capitulo (que estou mesmo quase a acabar!).
Ainda estou no principio de Taekwondo (faço ha cerca de um ano e meio), mas sim, as coisas que eu escrevo tem como base o que sei.

Bem, e agora um comunicado:
O meu computador vai hoje para formatar (ou assim espero), e por isso vou ficar sem ele até, no minimo, segunda-feira. Vou continuar a escrever nesse tempo, mas como neste momento não há mais computadores em minha casa, vou ficar sem postar. E para não vos deixar todo este tempo sem nada, vou publicar agora mais uma parte do segundo capitulo.
E, para quem já nao se lembra, saka e a bainha da espada, em japones.

Chapter II
Presentations - Part II

They got to the main street again, still filled with rushing people. They had been bickering all the way over there, but he had heard her laugh, even if it was for being making fun of him. They were now going to the book store to buy their school books. He didn’t really know why they were going together, but they seemed to have made a tacit agreement about shopping together. When they entered the book store, she automatically stopped to bicker and looked like a little girl in a candy shop.

“You’re here for the school books, am I right?” an old lady came beside him and asked.

“Yes, we’re…” he started.

“1st years, I know. And I also know the books you need, no need to show me the list,” she said when he reached for his phone. The lady went to the back of the store and returned with two piles of books. The size of those piles didn’t please him. “Are you interested in another book dear?” she addressed Brynhild.

“Oh no, I already have all of these. But I was wondering if I could order some ones that are coming out. Like the next of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga,” she sounded very enthusiastic.

“Oh, sure dear. We can even send it to you automatically when it comes out. You just have to give us some data, and you’ll have them.” The old lady gave her a tablet to fill with the data she needed, and after what looked like an eternity of the two talking about books, they left the shop, each one with their gigantic pile of school books in bags. He didn’t get why she couldn’t “send it automatically” to their dorms just like the gates in Asbru.

“Probably because the school hasn’t given that information to the shops yet. Besides, you should be able to carry you own shops. You can’t rely on magic for everything,” Brynhild answered when he said it out loud.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. They were going to the school’s clothing store now. She was walking in front of him and, noticing the slight high in her back, he remembered their fight on the weapons store. He knew she used magic to do all those moves, but it still amazed him. The sword also amazed him, beginning in the blue with some white designs saka, and ending in the blue tempered blade. It wasn’t usual to have a tempered blade in chokutos. After she bought the sword, she had placed it underneath her shirt, with what, he didn’t know, saying it was better if she hid it for the time being, as it would be suspicious if she appeared now with a sword.

They entered the clothing store. It was a very vast space, with two floors and a lot of people. This time no-one came to help them. Giving the place a look they found out the second floor was the male part. They agreed in going to take whatever they needed, and then get back together to purchase it. And so they parted ways. As climbing the stairs, he took out his mobile phone and opened the holographic letter to see what he needed: the gyms outfit, a suit for special occasions, and the emblem of the school. Great. Now he only had to choose from the hundreds of options the store had. Clothe shopping really was annoying. He started with the gyms clothes – it was the easiest to choose. Or so he thought. As he approached the gyms section and saw all the options, all he wanted to do was to clasp his palm in his forehead. Grabbing two pairs of simple shorts and some t-shirts, he got out of there as soon as he could. Little did he know that that was the easiest part.

God, she hated shopping. Especially clothe shopping. All the excited girls with their giggles looking at every single thing and trying it on, and giggling even more. She looked to the list. Great, she had to have a ceremony suit. She went to the gym clothes first; all she needed was some shorts and t-shirts. She took three pairs of blue tight shorts and some simple white t-shirts. That was enough. Now the hard part: the suit. She dragged herself to that section, where girls where giggling and discussing skirts and stuff. Try and ignore it, try and ignore it, she thought to herself repeatedly.

“Oh, it’s you again! Brynhild right?” a recognizable high-pinched voice said behind her. Turning very slowly, she saw Diana Mazarra. She had a great pile of clothes in her arm, and was smiling as if she was in heaven.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Need help with the ceremonial suit?” she asked.

“Not really, I can--” she started.

“You should take this skirt, and this shirt. This blazer goes with the skirt, and now, this pop socks…” Diana said, cutting her, while taking all the clothes without letting any of the ones she already had on her arm fall. Brynhild looked half amazed. “C’mon, go try it.” She looked at the girl for some more seconds before going to the changing room. The other went just behind her, very excited. Brynhild controlled herself not to eye-roll.

When she tried the suit, she was surprised to find that it fit her. She looked herself in the mirror a few times, still wondering how the other had found out what she wore. “C’mon, get out of there; I want to see how you look.” She opened the curtain from the changing room, revealing herself, and Diana made a very animated face. “Oh, you look so adorable! It suits you perfectly. Turn around, turn around,” she exclaimed. Very contradicted, she turned, and once again she saw herself in the mirror. The dark blue blazer and white shirt gave her body shape, and the pleated skirt, matching the blazer, was a little too much above her knee – not that she minded – and there, on the knees, were the pop socks. On her neck she had a blue tie. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to that kind of clothes, she was, but she preferred her own better. “Fantastic! You really look great. Now there’s only one detail missing: the school emblem. You have to choose were to put it.” Nodding, Brynhild went back to the changing room to change to her normal clothes. Ah, comfort.

When she came out, the two went to get their emblems – it looked like Diana also didn’t had hers yet. “Oh, there you are! I’ve been looking all over the place for you. What do you think? Too much, too little…?” Albion appeared in front of them, apparently asking about his own ceremonial suit and oblivious of Diana’s presence.

“I would change those trousers for some black ones, if I were you. That’s too much red,” Diana said before she could even evoke the words. But she was right, it was too much red.

“And you are?” Albion asked, looking from one girl to the other. He took some time in Diana, probably taking in the bright orange dress she wore and the great pile of clothes on her arm.

“Albion, Diana. Diana, Albion,” she introduced quickly, before the other could say anything.

Albion did the same half bow he had done to her when introducing himself, saying “Pleased to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” She bent her upper body in the slightest, mimicking his gesture as much as the clothes on her arm let her. “So, you’re Brynhild’s friend?” she asked.

“Sorta…” he answered.

“Most definitely not,” she interpolated.

Diana looked to both of them with a confused look. “She’s in denial,” Albion said, and the two laughed. Oh, great, now she didn’t had two separated persons annoying her; now they were together. Awesome!

“Didn’t you have a problem with your clothing?” she asked trying to stop all that laughter.

“Oh, right, come with me, I can help you with that,” Diana offered. The three went upstairs, Diana helping Albion with his clothes, and Brynhild behind watching. After some time – surprisingly, Diana was really fast at choosing clothes for people – he finally got his suit: black trousers, red blazer, white shirt and black tie. And so they were able to go get their emblems are purchase everything. When they got out of the shop, they placed the emblems, each one on a different place – Diana put it on one of the fallen sleeves of her dress; Albion put it on the front of his shirt; Brynhild placed it on one of the belts on her sleeve. Saying she was exhausted, Diana suggested that they stopped at the ice cream parlor to rest a little and refresh.

“Diana, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but won’t your friends miss you?” she asked with her voice as neutral as she could.

“My friends? Oh, those girls? They aren’t really my friends; I just know some of them from my parent’s parties. They’re probably making up some gossip right now, they won’t miss me.” And so they went to the ice cream parlor.

When they arrived at Nuvola di Gelato, the ice cream parlor, each asked for their ice cream flavor – Diana, vanilla and strawberry; Albion, chocolate and pistachio; and Brynhild, chocolate and lemon, – and went to sit in one of the tables.

Albion took another look at Diana. She was taller than Brynhild, but still shorter than him, with light brown hair caught up in a perfectly neat ponytail. She wore an orange dress with dropped sleeves that accentuated her bosom, a sleeveless, waist-length black jacket above and matching black shorts underneath, black biker gloves, and orange knee warmers. Her Weapons, two twin handguns, were resting on their holsters on the legs, between the shorts and the knee warmers. She seemed to irradiate energy, thought he was not sure if that was her or the bright colored dress.

The boy looked from one girl to the other. Putting down all of her bags on the floor, Brynhild took her mobile phone from whatever black-hole she had as pocket on her pants, and, after clicking on some things, introduced her school-card in a slot on the phone. “Aw, I’m running out of money…” she said to the phone.

“What the hell happened to your card?” he asked looking from her to the phone.

“Oh, it’s something I did on my phone; I can introduce a card in here, and the phone tells me all the information in it,” she explained like that was the most basic thing in the world.

Albion looked at her, shocked. “You opened and dismantled your mobile phone?”

“No, I built my own mobile phone,” she said in an annoyed tone, taking the card from the phone and placing them in the pocket. Meanwhile the waiter came with their ice creams. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t help my lack of money problem. It’s all I have for the rest of the term, and you never know when you could need it…”

“You could get a job,” Diana said, taking a spoonful of ice cream. “I heard the shops always need someone in the beginning of the year, to replace those who ended school and therefore their jobs. And the school also needs helpers, and they pay,” she continued, with a thoughtful expression. She was supporting the spoon with her hand against her cheek, and the whole scenario was comical.

“Hmm… That sounds like an option… Though, I don’t feel comfortable asking the school for more money.” Brynhild shifted in her chair, and her chokuto hit the chair with a soft sound.

“What is that?” Diana asked reaching for the blue sword. Brynhild was faster and took it before the other could touch it. “So you do have a Weapon! Why didn’t you say so?”

Brynhild looked at him, then to the weapon, and then to Diana. “Yeah… I have a Weapon…” she said like convincing herself.

So… What’s its name? You must have named it. Everyone does.” She sounded excited and really curious.

Again, Brynhild looked at him, then to the sword, “Its name is…” and then back to Diana, “Shiroi Kitsune.” Albion looked at her surprised; she had come up with a name real quick. He was going to discuss that with her when the shopping was over but… Oh well, at least it was already done.

“Shiró i qitsu né?” she repeated with a strange accent. Now that he noticed, she did have a strange accent sometimes.

“No, Shiroi Kitsune. It means “white fox” in Japanese,” Brynhild explained, with more conviction this time.

“Oh, that’s a very good name! And I really like the designs in the scabbard. Why did you hide it? The world should see such a good looking Weapon,” she rambled.

“I… don’t want people to know what my Weapon is until it’s really necessary,” she said, and giving the sword one last look, she placed it underneath her shirt again. “Moving on to the money again, I think I’ll find a job in any of these shops…”

“There’s a store, all the way up there” Diana pointed to the upper part of the street “I want to visit. It’s an electronic store. It has computers and cameras all that stuff, you know. I’m thinking about buying a new mobile phone, so I was guessing I could go there and see the options… And I think they accept people.”

While Diana spoke, Brynhild’s eyes grew bigger and started to shine. That was probably the biggest emotion he had seen in her. Not even in the book store she seemed so full of emotion. “I know that store. I think we could go there. What about you Brynhild?”

He watched as her expression went back to the characteristic careless as she answered, “Yeah, sounds good,” and ate a spoonful of her ice cream. He half smiled, amused with her humor changes.

After finishing their ice creams they went up the street. He noticed the flux of people around the electronic store, mostly teens, as much entering as those leaving. He remembered it being like that almost every time he went there. As they drew near he recalled the showy entrance of the place, with multiple archways and the name Nexur written in the cursive letters of the Asorpien alphabet above. They passed through one of the archways and he felt like in a completely different place.

There were lights and sounds coming from every direction. The floor was a deep purple carpet. The center was a big corridor, which led to the biggest and flattest flat screens he had ever seen, and was sided by stands and shelves and more corridors. To their right were stands filled with laptops, the left were the tablets. He knew that a little ahead were the games and consoles, and he noticed that specific part of the store with a great number of kids.

He glanced at Brynhild and noticed that she looked even younger than normally, with big bright eyes diving through all the colorful objects around them, and at the same time looked very serious and experienced, like cataloging everything on their respective section of her brain. He was sure she felt as at home in there as he had on the weapon store, and Diana on the clothing store.

He knew the mobile phones were just beside the tablets, so he led the way and the girls followed. “So, do you have anything in mind?” he asked Diana.

“Not really, I just want to replace mine. It’s slow and is starting to do stupid things like sending stuff to people by itself,” she rambled.

“That’s what happens when you buy a phone just because it’s pretty or everybody has one.” Brynhild said, deadpan. “This is one of the best in market,” she reached for a very slim black rectangle. When her fingers touched the phone, it automatically lit up, the dark face replaced by images. She passed her fingers through it and the images changed. “It has a very good screen resolution, of 1600p, and almost as good holograms. The camera is of twenty-two megapixels, but that’s kinda expected from mobile phones. Doesn’t really do the best holograms, but it’s one of the best in phones.” She was passing menus and testing the features. She tried the holograms and one of the images popped out of the phone. “And of course, a quad-core processor. It has move sensors and high sensibility. Oh, and look at this, you can program it so it remembers your palm print, and only you can touch it.” Even though she tried to hide it, he could feel the emotion in her voice. “But you know what it doesn’t have? A card-reading slot,” she added proudly. “So, how much do you want to spend?”

“I can only spend up to three-hundred myents, or my dad has a seizure and takes all my money away,” she answered with an annoyed expression, looking at the phones and their prices.

“I wish my parents would let me spend all that money at a time in something as a mobile phone…” she commented with a point of disapproval in her voice. “This is a good one, considering your budget. Average screen, average holograms. The camera is of fifteen megapixels, but that’s good enough. 1GB of RAM… Well, it’s nothing impressive, but it’s good.” She concluded. She pressed her fingers on the screen of the mobile she still had in her hand and a hologram appeared, passing a movie. She really was enjoying having that in her hands.

“What about this one? Is still on the budget, and looks better.” Diana grabbed a white and more round one.

“Yeah, that’s better, but this is even better…” And they walked around the three stands of mobile phones, with Brynhild explaining why ones were better than others. Albion didn’t understand most of what she said. He understood of screen resolution and megapixels, but that was almost it. Brynhild had to release her dream phone at some point, but every time she could, she would touch it again.

They took a good half hour before finally deciding that an oval light gray, 1080p, eighteen megapixels, 1GB of RAM, dual-core was the best Diana’s money could buy, or so Brynhild had said. When Diana went to pay for the phone, Brynhild asked if they were admitting people, to which the cashier answered that yes, they were admitting and, after informing her on how to apply, they left the store towards the school.

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Fox* em Sab Jun 16, 2012 10:35 pm

Ao ler este texto lembrei-me que, muito provavelmente, vais atualizar o teu Compêndio com as roupas das personagens e estou ansiosa para que isso aconteça!
Mas achei engraçado a forma como eles têm coisas em comum que não lembrariam a ninguém. Sim, é normal um rapaz não gostar de ir às compras, mas adorei as opiniões da (vamos ver se eu acerto nisto) Brynhild sobre as miúdas histéricas às compras (também não gosto delas mas isso não me faz desgostar de andar pelas lojas à pesca :D). Mas ainda gostei mais da atitude super descomplexada da Diana ao mostrar as roupas e meter-se com eles como se se conhecessem à anos! Super divertida :D
(Limão e chocolate, o meu preferido. Agora tenho fome :D )
E a menina percebe de tecnologias... Achei bastante engraçada a expressão dela enquanto explicava todos os telemóveis e gadgets disponíveis e ainda mais interessante ter sido ela a construir o próprio telefone! Ela é mesmo invulgar...

Localização : Debaixo da Cama

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Dom Jun 17, 2012 12:54 am

(Desde ja peço desculpa, mas estou a escrever na nitendo e isto é horrivel)

Sim, por muito que ela nao queira admitir, eles tem coisas em comum.
E eu adoro a Diana, apesar de ela parecer um pouco irritante, é super easy going e as coisas estao sempre fixes com ela.
A Brynhild (sim, acertaste) é fascinada por tecnologia, e ela nao e tao rica como a Diana e o Albion, por isso compra peças sempre que pode e monta as coisas dela.

E assim começa uma grande amizade entre os três ^^

E quanto as actualizaçoes das imagens, eu quando voltar a ter pc vou ver se me dedico as roupas. É que o lineart para isso e um pouco diferente e leva mais tempo. Mas os proximos a por sao as fichas da Brynhild e da Diana ^^

Muito obrigada pelo comentario ^^

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por PandoraTheVampire em Seg Jun 18, 2012 1:58 pm

Ora este ainda não tinha lido, pois não? Se li não me recordo, perdoa-me! xD Mas gostei imenso da aventura dos dois nas compras. Gostei da nova personagem, Diana. A principio pensei que ela fosse um pouco cabeça-de-vento e daquelas meninas irritantes que não faz mais nada senão preocupar-se com as aparências, mas depois vi que era boa pessoa, ou pelo menos até ver!

Upa, a Brynhild gosta muito daquele telemóvel específico, hein? Pena ser caro senão o Albion tinha uma boa prenda para lhe dar quando ela fizesse anos! Ahaha. Estou a gostar muito, continua!

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

Mensagem por Raaky* em Seg Jun 18, 2012 3:31 pm

Hey Pandora : D
Pois nao, ainda nao tinhas lido isto ^^

Sim, a Diana e mesmo assim, tem ar de cabeça no ar e superficial, mas nao e assim tanto xD

Hmm, nunca tinha pensado no Albion lhe oferecer o telemovel... Pode ser que use isso... x)

Obrigada pelo comentario ^^

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White Demon Fox - Página 2 Empty Re: White Demon Fox

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