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Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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Every Rose Has Its Thorn Empty Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Mensagem por CatariinaG' em Sab Dez 01, 2012 9:05 pm

Esta é a minha segunda one-shot na língua da Rainha!
(One shot ou long shot, depende da minha disposiação!)

- Rose;
- Katie;
- Tom Hiddleston

“Aren’t you a little bit young to be buying alcohol?”
“Aren’t you old enough to mind your own business?” I asked not even looking at him.
I knew his voice, probably heard it long time before somewhere, which wasn’t completely abnormal, since Wimbledon it’s not that big and I do go out sometimes with my British friend, the one who works in the pub where I was then.
The guy that rudely made chit-chat was British; I was sure of that without looking at him, not even realizing who he really was.
I accepted the beer Katie was handing me, and pulled it in to my mouth, giving a soft lick in just before drinking a bit of the black liquid.
The guy sat down next to me and ordered a Guinness.
There was I, drinking my beer, talking to Katie, who was in my front, and reading my fanfiction, one of the many I was writing since forever.
“Someone’s moody…” he complained.
Couldn’t wait any longer, the guy was pissing me off; I had to know who the hell was that guy. I looked back at him, giving him a glance that made my world change when I realized that I knew him too well. I gulped hardly, couldn’t almost breath with the sight.
“I’m not moody!” I answered. “I’m just… In fact I am moody; I had to wake up from this dream… a dream with you, to be honest!” I said giving up on the charm. It wasn’t like he would turn out to be his lover.
“With me?” he asked pretending surprise. “Should I feel pleased?”
“You can feel anything you want. However, I’m not feeling anything, which is strange since I felt more than this while dreaming.”
I drank a little bit more of my beer and looked to my front, where Katie was. She was staring at the other side of the bar, delivering drinks to other costumers but not taking her eyes out of my sight. With her big blue eyes opened, she glanced at me like totally petrified after seeing the scariest ghost. She pointed at me, and trying not hard enough to hide her laughter, made a soft sound, which I didn’t understand but could almost deduct that meant “you are crazy!”.
The guy by my side, laughed out loud, making me feel a slightly embarrassed, not because of my answer, but because of his stupid mirth.
“So, you know me…”
“Of course I do. The human brain can’t create human faces. We can only dream about people we already saw in the past, even if we don’t remember them. And your movies are everywhere this days, it’s impossible for me to no recognize you.” I said sipping more of my Guinness.
“True!” he whispered. “Let me guess, Loki fan?”
“Err, not really. I’m not a fan of you; I’m a fan of the movies you worked in. And in fact, I didn’t really like the Avengers.”
“Oh, that’s… that’s just… I don’t know if I should take that as an insult or as a…”
“Don’t mind her, sir. She’s probably getting drunk…” Katie interrupted.
I laughed a bit and finished my beer in a swift.
“People tend to say the true when they’re drunk, Katie!” I held.
Katie laughed as a respond, but had to go right after, in order to prevent an angry costumer, to get even angrier. I don’t really know if that costumer was angry or hungry, his face reminded me of Hulk, the green ugly monster from the Marvel Comics. I suppose the guy was turning green, possibly because he was really angry, or probably because he was drunk enough and ready to start vomiting everywhere. That man was there since I got inside, and by that I mean, that man was there since 7 o’clock, and it was already 11 PM.
I went to help Katie that night on the Pub, she always needed help around, especially when there was this certain dates in London, days when Football were a general topic of conversation, or when some important person came to town, which happened almost every single day. At 10 o’clock, I was finally dismissed from helping; therefore, I was sitting down, waiting for my friend to close the pub, which would take more than a few more hours.
I looked around to see, in a gaze, those blue eyes of the guy by my side, looking at me. They were usually blue, but sometimes they looked like they changed color, but right then, with no doubt, his eyes were shining blue.
“So, you didn’t enjoy Avengers...”
“Well, I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it… I just think is too much of a… I like you in The Gathering Storm…”
“Oh, really?” he asked curiously. “I was so young… and I only appeared for about 10 minutes, I believe… Didn’t really fill the screening…”
“That’s exactly why I liked it!” I said looking at Katie, who was listening to the whole conversation and making this expression with her lips.
“Good Lord, you don’t like me, do you?” he asked. “Starting to question, how was that dream of yours about…”
“Err, nothing special…” I admitted. “Long story short, it ended with my sister waking me up on the phone complaining I had slept too much already.”
“And, are you angry because you didn’t get to know the end of the dream, or because you were dreaming about me?”
I looked at him glancing, while my friend gazed at me laughing desperately. She was listening to the whole conversation, and commenting about it, silently, while serving the costumers.
“Liar!” she whispered.
Thankfully the guy who was by my side didn’t understand what she had just said, or at least pretended he didn’t.
“So” he started, right after realizing I wasn’t going to answer,” I can see you finished your beer, do you care for another?”
“Why, Mr. Hiddleston, do you want me to get drunk?”
“When you put it that way, it makes me sound awfully rude…”
“Weren’t you awfully rude when you questioned my legal age?”
He put his hands on his face and brushed off his curls slowly and gently, showing a wonderful smile on his face, making me shiver and blush for a bit. He was terribly cute, and hot, dressed with black jeans, a bluish knit jacket and a long white sleeve shirt inside. His blondish curls were short and his face was white, not pale but white, contrasting with my skin, which was brunette and tanned from the sun, the beautiful Algarve sun!


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Every Rose Has Its Thorn Empty Re: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Mensagem por Fox* em Qui Dez 06, 2012 10:03 pm

Hahahaha, Cata, muita sorte tem uma pessoa de se sentar num bar, logo ao lado de um celebridade internacional destas, e começar uma conversa assim, tão simples mas igualmente ambígua!
Como eu gostava que isso me acontecesse mas acho que ou
a) ele/ela se assustaria com a minha cara;
b) ele/ela se assustaria com a minha total falta de controlo perante ele/ela; :D
Mas gostei e estou à espera da continuação!

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