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How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

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How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Joana Duarte em Dom Out 07, 2012 5:32 pm

Fanfiction Status:
Author: Joana Duarte
AU Ally move in to Miami where she meets Austin in a airport. And then they and the rest of the gang became best friends. I Suck with summary -.- so please, read the story and comment : An if you find any errors, sorry. I'm Portuguese and my english isn't that good... I'M AN IDIOT! IN THE AFTER THREE MONTHS IGNORE WHEN ALLY
SAYS SHE LIKE AUSTIN! Yup -.- I'm an idiot -.-
Rated: Fiction K - English - Humor/Romance - Ally D. & Austin M.

Esta é a minha primeira fanfic em Inglês, eu acho que á medida que eu vou avançando a história fica melhor. Mas não prometo nada o.o

I'll tell you the story of how I became friends with a great guy, that become the most incredible boy that I ever meet.

It was weird the beginning of our friendship ... But in fact, all good friendship begin with silly thing, Right?

It all started when my parents sent me to live with my aunt in Miami. She had no children so she accepted to take care of me. When I was waiting for my aunt to pick me up in the airport, a boy collided with me and made my phone fall to the ground and break into pieces.

I remember feeling my whole body freeze and the only thing that made me "wake up" was a hand, waving in front of my eyes.

"My… My… My… " I was in shock. My parents gave me that phone 2 weeks ago.

" Sorry! I didn't see you! I swear! "

I was to start yelling at him, and ... Well, after I look to him I was speechless… He was a few inches taller than me, he had a gorgeous blond hair that flipped to the right way and the most incredible brown eyes that I see in my whole life. I think I was looking at him for a good minute, so I blushed.

"Hello? Is anyone at home?" He asked with a playful smile in his face. "If you don't want me to pay…"

I cut him.

"Whaaaat? You better pay! I was in here, in my one business and you just run and make my new phone crash in the floor!"

He looked me up and down and I crossed my arms. A little intimidate by his eyes on me.

"You're not from around here, are you?"

I uncrossed my arms and felt myself shrink. I was waiting for this. Be discriminated by not being from here. There is something that all teenagers have to put on the head when they change school or city ... It is not easy.

I decided to look back at the boy and he smiled, seemed to understand...

"Tell me just where I have to send the money. Well... When I have the money" He ran his hand through his hair, a little ashamed.

I was to tell him that he doesn't need to worry about it, but I heard my aunt shouting my name.

"Look ... Thanks for worrying but I really have to go! It was nice to meet you!" I said.

I didn't give him time to reply, I just pick up my bags and ran to my aunt.
Joana Duarte

Localização : Narnia|Hogwarts|Distrito 4| Portugal

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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Fox* em Dom Out 07, 2012 7:52 pm

Hey Joana, que bom ver a tua fic aqui postada :)!
Ainda postaste pouca coisa e não posso dizer o que acho mesmo da tua escrita, mas não tens erros (que eu detecte em inglês), o que é um ponto a favor. :)
Espero que continues


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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Joana Duarte em Ter Out 09, 2012 9:21 pm

Fox: Obrigado :) Eu tenho orgulho no meu inglês xD Pode não ser perfeito mas acho que o meu português é bem pior o.o

Two days after I moved in to Miami, I was still without a phone and life was boring. Unpack my things, help my aunt with something in the house and play piano. Till now my life was exactly like back home. I have some friends back home, but not many. Just one to be sincere… Amy. She is a redhead with a strange obsession on Doctor who.
I miss her…

Now I'm seating in my piano, singing in a small tone.

"Ally? Sweetie, can you do something for me?" My aunt asks me, while she entered my room.

I close my book and smile to her.

"Yes, auntie. What do you need?"

"Well, could do take this bag to the next door? I forgot to give that to Nancy" She said and put down a bag with a lot of apples. My aunt have a organic food shop and my uncle have a music shop. They never had children because my aunt can't have them…

"The right or the left door?" I asked closing my piano and picking up the bag.

"Right, ally." She smiled at me and I went downstairs to deliver the apples to the neighbors.

When I knocked the door, a boy opened. A blond boy with brown eyes. The same boy that broke my phone.

"You?" He asked confuse.

"You?" I asked in the same time.

"You!" He shout out looking at me in disbelieve.

"You!" And I was exacly like him.

"Dez!" One boy yelled making me and the airport boy to look to at him confused. "I thought we are saying random things!"

I look at him confuse with my mouth open.

"And you say ten in portuguese, why?"

The boy from the airport looked at my like I had another head.

"Dez it's his name…?" Said the cute, I mean the blond boy.

"Oh… That makes more sense" I blushed and Dez left me alone with the cute blond boy. Oh! Stop it, Ally!

"So… What are you doing here? No! Wait! Wrong question! I'm Austin and you?" He said with a smile.

Austin… It's suits him…

"I´m Ally" I said smiling to him.

Austin opened the door and pointed to the room.

"Come in, we're doing a party. Well it's more a best friends sleepover but if you want you can come" He smiled even more but a little ashamed.

I blushed again.

"I don't want to bother… My aunt just asked me to bring here this apples from her store.."

He smiled like he was really happy and takes my bag from me.

"Mom! The apples for pancakes are here!" He said, excited to have apples to make pancakes. It looked like a 5 year old, when they gave him candy.

"Oh! Claire come in!" One woman with blond hair and blue eyes appears behind Austin with a smile on her face. She looked a lot like the airport guy but the eyes we're different.

"This is Ally, mom. It was she that brought the apples. Can you make now the pancakes? Pleaseeeeeee!" He said with a puppy eyes.

Ow… So cute!

No! Stop it Ally! He's just a boy.

"Of course, my prince" She said smiling and then she looked to me. "Ally, right? Your aunt talked so much about you! She said that you are a brilliant song writer! My Austin sings very well, did you know?"

I blushed, hard. My aunt has the power to put me in the most embarrassing place in the world, and then se tell all her friends.

"Mom, can Ally stay? Trish is the only girl in here…"

And then magic happened. In that day I started to be friend with 3 amazing people. Dez is a little weird but can be really smart. Trish can be a terrorist, but I really like her… She mademe feel comfortable.

And Austin is a really sweet guy, he was always asking me if I need help with something or if I liked to do something else. And he´s a amazing singer… I wish I could sing with him…
Joana Duarte

Localização : Narnia|Hogwarts|Distrito 4| Portugal

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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Fox* em Qua Out 10, 2012 6:35 pm

A forma como estes dois se conheceram é bastante divertida e quase obra do destino. Lá está, o que tem de acontecer, acontece e estes dois estavam destinados a encontrarem-se. Especialmente com ela a escrever e ele a cantar...
Acho apenas que devias rever o texto. Tens alguns erros a nível de coordenação sujeito-verbo. A 3ª Pessoa termina sempre com "s" (ou semelhante. Tipo has, does ou makes) :)


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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por CatariinaG' em Qui Out 11, 2012 4:40 pm

Olá querida.
Espero que continues esta história, parece divertida! Gosto da série, mas a voz da Ally irrita-me lol. mas ela é fofinha, tenho a dizer. (versão inglesa all the way.)
Anyhow, reparei que tens uns quantos erros na conjunção dos verbos em inglês, nada dramático, eu também não sou especialista, believe me, I'm not! xD

Espero que continues.


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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Convidado em Sex Out 12, 2012 9:34 am

Uma fic bem leve e divertida. E em inglês, ganhas uns pontos por isso.
A Ally e o Austin continuam fiéis à serie mas assim conseguimos ver mais a perspectiva da Ally.
Só tenho um problema.
Para nós pode parecer lógico mas como a Ally sabia de Dez era 10 em português? Penso que podias explicar isso ou ficava um pouco random.


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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Joana Duarte em Seg Out 22, 2012 6:20 pm

Obrigado pelos comentários :) Eu logo vi que havia verbos mal xD
Athena, isso é mais lá para a frente xD

-Ally POV-
One moth pass and the 4 of us actually could hang out and doing best friend things. Stupid jokes, a lot of pizza and TV, and swimming in Austin Place. We are 4 teenagers without a thing to do, except Trish. Every day she gets a new job and she is kicked out of him. That's Trish for you. And then we have Austin, he is always testing me and he is really sweet. Sometimes when we don't have anything to do, he grabs his guitar and start's to sing some crazy music. He sings very well, like… An angel but I have to admit… He can't write songs.
One afternoon, I was seating in my couch when I receive a message from Austin.
«Hello Beautiful :D Are you near a TV?»
I smiled. I like when Austin calls me beautiful. It makes me feel like I am.
«Hello Blondie xD Yes I'm at home»
It takes only 20 seconds him to reply. Well, I'm not counting! I just… make the counts mentally of the time… Yeah...
«Good! Turn on the TV in channel 4 ;) »
I looked confuse to my phone, the phone that Austin parents buy me because of my first encounter with Blondie. But then I change the channel, it was Austin…? With a guitar?
"Sup' Guys? My name is Austin Moon, and I'll play a song who was wrote by one of my best friends. Ally Dawson!" Then he started to play.

"If I was just another dusty record on the shelf
Will you blow me off and play me like everybody else
If I ask you to scratch my back, could you manage that
Like it read well, check it Travie, I can handle that
Furthermore, I apologize for skipping tracks
It's just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks
I used to used to used to used to, now I'm over that
Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts
If I could only find a note to make you understand
I'd sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand
Keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart is a stereo that only plays for you

My heart's a stereo
It beats for your, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh To my stereo
Oh oh oh oh So sing along to my stereo"
I couldn't talk. His voice… This song was so much better in his voice… But wait! He just take my song without asking?! WOW WOW WOW! WAIT A SECOND! HE READ MY BOOK!?
I started to freak out. How could him?!
When I was about to walk to his house I hear a knock in my door. I opened it and who do you think that was? Austin fricking Moon!
"Hey Ally-gator!" He said with a smile and opened his arms. He thinks I'm going to hug him?! So I Just stared him. And then he talks "What did I do?"
"WHY THE HELL WAS THAT ON THE TV?!" I screamed without thinking.
He shrink when I screamed. I was really pissed off. "I thought you would like it! What's the problem?"
Breath In, breath out. Don't look him in the eyes.
And I didn't look.
"Why do you thing that I would like that?" I asked, trying to not scream.
"Because your music its good! And… I might heard your aunt telling my mom that you really like playing piano, and singing but… you have stage fright… So…"He started to stutter and finally I understood why he made it.
"Austin… That's the most incredible thing that someone made for me…" I smiled to him.
"I want the world to see how good you are" He smiled and then he stretched his hand on my direction. "Dez made me a Website, I want you to write my song's. So… Partners?"
I looked at him confuse. He just said that?
"Austin… You want me to write songs for you..?"
He smiled energetic and then he hugged me. Just like that. His arms on my waist pulling me close. In just 2 seconds I feel my heart skipping a beat and then a electric shock. But I return the hug.
"Ally your music is amazing! You're a songwriter with stage fright? I'm a singer who loves being on stage. We're a perfect match! What do you say?"
I started to think about but then… I don't care. Austin sings so well and he likes my songs so…
"Yeah…I want to be your songwriter" I said looking to him smiling. And then he gave me one of the biggest smiles that I had seen in my whole life.
And that felt good… Team Austin and Ally.
Joana Duarte

Localização : Narnia|Hogwarts|Distrito 4| Portugal

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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Convidado em Sex Out 26, 2012 3:36 pm

Pobre rapariga. Eu também teria um ataque nervoso no lugar dela.
Mas pelo menos resolveram as coisas e formaram uma equipa. Veremos como a relação deles se desenvolve a partir daqui. =)


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Re: How I Met My Best Friend [Austin & Ally]

Mensagem por Conteúdo patrocinado

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