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Scenes in the Sunset

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Scenes in the Sunset  Empty Scenes in the Sunset

Mensagem por CatariinaG' em Ter Set 18, 2012 9:26 am


Escrevi este oneshot há bocado...
Só por brincadeira!
Está em inglês, muito mal escrito!* Sorry about that!

His point of view:

I saw her for the first time when I went to some movie première in London.

She was out there, looking for something, while everyone was looking for me, she was trying to get space to get out of that huge and full crowd. She was no more than 5 foot 3 and was brunette and her smiled just got stuck in my mind.

She was dressed white and black, with some weird All Star nickers. I could see she wasn’t looking for me or for any other actors; she just got caught by that immensely crowd next to the Madame Tussauds museum store.

I was reading to everyone a speech I wrote but, at the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off that young girl. She couldn’t have more than 18 years old.

I got amazed by her truthful meaning of looking like she didn't care about any of us.

I loved her way of not showing interest about me, about me being a celebrity.

In her own world, I can almost tell, I was no one!

I’m the one to myself, I only have to be truthful to myself and for anyone else and still, everyone was looking for me, and looking forward to see my best friend, whom was just got homage by a Hollywood star on the Hollywood boulevard.
She was quiet, yet she was struggling to make her way to the exit. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. In a second, I could almost tell she looked at me, but I didn’t really caught her eyes, she just looked down again and looked for freedom in that hell of a deal of getting out of that huge crowd of people.

When I ended up reading my speech, and went down. Kissed Johansson and then looked for the girl dressed in white and black, and there she was, right behind me.

I could see her eyes, brown, dark-brown eyes, beautiful eyes, almost could feel her modesty and honesty. She wasn’t looking for me, she was looking for someone else. I tried to wave at her, to call her, but I didn’t know her name.

Bodyguards were all over me, that’s why I pay them, that’s why I have one every time I go out, because of people that are not like her.

Scarlett called me and I answered.

When I looked back…

The brunette was gone.

Her point of view:

He was just there, between that fool crowd of stupid people waiting for his autograph.

Of course I knew him.

It was him, the guy from SWAT team, the one that got run over by a train while fighting with my teenage sweetheart crush.

The crowd was fool, so full of fool people thinking that he would remember their faces.

Girls crying and screaming his name; while he waved back. Smiles and laughs, fake smiles and laughs… I could tell he didn’t care, who would care about people screaming his own name?

I was just trying to get off there. I just got caught in it.

I was looking for Susana, but she just disappeared in the crowd. Nor I nor she was looking for anyone else than ourselves, we didn’t care!

We had our little stupid crushes, but I just didn’t care about that guy or that girl or the other man.

Yes, I like cinema, I have crushes on actors, but there is no point to scream out there name, they too get tired of hearing the same shit! And since there was no chance for me that he could notice me in that crowd, why would I stay there?

Being a clown its just not what I like to do.

They’re people, they’re actors, but they’re still people, people with fake eyelashes, with foundation and mascara and perfume. Too much perfume!

I like one of them, I like the guy with green eyes, the short one, taller than me, but still short.

But there was no point for me to yell his name, it wasn’t like he didn’t already know that his name was Jeremy.

I rather be drinking up my cup of coffee from Costa, than screaming his name and making sure he’d see me.

And then, for real, I had to stop trying to get rid of that shit.

Everyone was quiet and he just started talking… and there were flashes everywhere.

I could tell it looked like lighteners everywhere.

I could almost ask: Don’t your eyes get hurt?! But they wouldn’t hear me, and if they did, they would probably smile back and laugh at me and stay quiet talking to each other, in their eyes I was probably another fan... who didn't belong there!

For a second, I almost could tell that he looked at me, but then… in a moment, his green eyes disappeared again, and then I turned around to see Susana behind me.

I handed her and I just disappeared in the crowd again – finally I was free!

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Scenes in the Sunset  Empty Re: Scenes in the Sunset

Mensagem por PandoraTheVampire em Qua Set 19, 2012 12:17 am

Ora vou-te falar por experiência própria: Quanto mais escreveres e falares e ouvires inglês, melhor te safas a escrevê-lo e visto que estás em Wimbledon, não vejo porque não o consigas fazer num piscar de olhos ;) Quanto à one, já te dei a minha opinião mas deixo aqui mais um: muito giro, simples mas de certo modo romântico, e bom! ;)

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Scenes in the Sunset  Empty Re: Scenes in the Sunset

Mensagem por Fox* em Sex Set 21, 2012 7:15 pm

Hahahah, novo "Muso" por aqui...
Achei engraçado como situaste a cena numa, acho eu, red carpet. Não é o mais normal de se escrever, mas deu origem a uma one muito interessante!
Gostei especialmente dos dois pontos de vista, tão diferentes mas ambos a baterem nos mesmos objetos!
Manda vir mais :D

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Scenes in the Sunset  Empty Re: Scenes in the Sunset

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